All in 1 Liquid Hand Sanitizer Spray with Pump

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer with Pump:

The powerful non-sticky formula is now available as a antibacterial hand sanitizer with pump. The best part about this new hand sanitizer spray with pump is that you can easily apply and carry it around wherever you go.

  • This All-in-one portable Hand Sanitizer spray with pump can sanitize almost anything! #EvercleanAndTouch.

  • We all know that a sanitizer dispenser is usually used to disinfect and clean the most important weapon with us, our hands.

  • This natural hand sanitizer spray from Everclean is not just for your hands, but also for your daily use things.

Multiple Uses of Everclean Hand Sanitizers:

You can use this natural hand sanitizer spray on your coffee mugs before you drink, on your laptop and mobile screens, on your hands before you eat anything, before handling your contact lenses, before treating your wounds or administering medications or on anything that you’re about to touch - except people and pets.

What Makes Everclean Different From Others?

The unique shape and application from this bottle is what makes it stand out from other portable hand sanitizers with pump. Because of the spray feature on this bottle, it lets you use it anywhere at anytime without the hassle of spreading it all over your hand. The texture of Everclean Hand Sanitizer dispenser is almost like water, and is a non-sticky formula that does not leave a sticky feeling and has a pleasant scent.

Choose Your Flavour:

Get your hands on this amazing portable hand sanitizer spray and spray away all the dirt and germs to stay safe from harmful toxins and diseases. This natural hand sanitizer spray is available in both Citrus Fresh and Yummy Berry flavours to give a refreshing sanitizing experience!


Everclean Santizers

  • Citrus Fresh
    Invigorating soft and subtle scent with floral notes of ylang and rose lifted by the anise sweet smell and a touch of citrus and a hint of aldehydic and orange for a perfectly balanced of complex scent.

  • 70% Ethyl Alcohol
    A natural ingredient derived from sugarcane. A safer powerful germ killer than the isopropyl-based sanitizer made from crude oil that can dry the skin.

  • Farnesol
    Fights against odor-causing bacteria.

  • Phenoxyethanol
    Antibacterial agent.

  • Yummy Berry
    A pick me up scent of sanitizer comprised of berries, refreshing blend of citrus bringing a clean and fresh feeling where you can smile upon smelling the sweet odor which is hard to resist.

Everclean Hand Sanitizer Features

Everclean Hand Sanitizer Features

What makes Everclean Hand Sanitizer even more effective?

  • Powerful non-sticky liquid formula

  • Improved fragrance fits for everyone

  • Sanitizes skin without fear of drying it out

  • Kills 99.99% of germs

  • Easy to apply

Usage of Everclean Hand Santizer

what are the usage of Everclean Hand Sanitizer ?

It has variety of uses for all kinds of people (for kids also) and situations. Here are some of its uses:

  • Hand Cleansing

  • Disinfecting

  • General antiseptic

  • Antibacterial

How to properly apply Everclean Hand Sanitizer ?

How to Apply Everclean Hand Sanitizer

Packing and packaging info

To suit your preferences, Everclean Hand Sanitizer comes in two variants:

Prodcut Details of Everclean Sanitizers

Buy Pocket Sized Hand Sanitizer Online at Everclean India

"Healthy hands are a reflection of good health" and products such as sanitizers have known to be used in various clinical departments for their effectiveness. It is important that you find sanitizers for sale that fit your specific requirements whether in the office, at home or while you are on the go in order to prevent the spreading of germs which result in illnesses.

You must be aware of the fact that germs spread quicker through hands than sneezes. Hence, you keep your hands clean and germ-free with a pack of hand sanitizer.

How to Choose Best Hand Sanitizers:

When you choose to buy an instant hand sanitizer, you only have to pour a small amount of it on your hand and thoroughly but gently rub both your palms together so that it is applied evenly. With its easy to use flip-flop cap, these bottles are ideal for those on the go. Further, some are even infused with skin-conditioning agents so they are gentle on the hands. Everclean is the best place to buy hand sanitizer online in India.

Where Can You Use Everclean Hand sanitizer?

Germs? prevent their spread!

Keep germs at arm’s distance anywhere you are with Everclear liquid hand sanitizer. Choose from the two variants which will leave your hands moisturized, soft, and fragrant. Cleanliness is an important factor, and hence, usage of antibacterial hand sanitizers is required in a lot of places, be it indoors or outdoors.

At home
Hand Santizer at Home

Get a antibacterial hand sanitizer dispenser for home and place in prime locations for quick riddance of germs. If you are sitting in your couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon and do not want to get up to wash your hands before you binge on your snacks, you can squirt some hand sanitizer dispenser on your palms to get rid of whatever germs you have on them. You can also use hand sanitizer dispenser in other places where clean hands are a must.

At school
Hand Santizer at School

Use the good smelling and best antibacterial hand sanitizer for kids and make sure to prevent the germs on your study desk from getting into your stomach along with your food. Or you might also need it when you are sharing your desk with a sick kid.

At work
Hand Santizer at Work

Shook hands with someone who’s under the weather? Get rid of the germs with best moisturizing and antibacterial hand sanitizer. An Office is one place where you cannot get up from your desk from time to time to wash your hands, in such a case, hand sanitizer comes to the rescue and eliminates the need for you to go to the washroom now and then.

Other places
Hand Santizer for other places

Parks, Restaurants, Movies, Playgrounds - no matter where pocket pack hand sanitizer will come to your rescue. Finding wash areas in public areas is not always easy, and carrying best hand sanitizer with you makes your job of keeping your hands clean easier. Further, when you travel using public transport, you are very much prone to all kinds of germs and bacteria. Therefore, sanitizers prove to be very beneficial in such scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everclean Hand Sanitizer is a unique hand sanitizer that is non-sticky and is derived from the natural scents of citrus as berries. It is available in two packs - the pump pack and the anywhere applicable spray form in Citrus Fresh and yummy Berry flavours.
Yes, Everclean Hand Sanitizer does contain an important cleansing alcohol formula. The sanitizer contains 70% Ethyl Alcohol which is a natural ingredient derived from sugarcane. It is a safe and powerful germ killer than other isopropyl-based sanitizers made from crude oil that dry the skin.
Everclean hand sanitizer contains some powerful ingredients that fight bacteria - 70% Ethyl Alcohol (a powerful germ killer), Farnesol (fights against odor-causing bacteria) and Phenoxyethanol (an antibacterial agent). A mixture of these ingredients makes Everclean a powerful germ fighter while keeping your hands moisturized.
At any situation when you are prone to encounter with germs you have to use a hand sanitizer. It is also highly possible that if you do not sanitize regularly, you are exposed to more infections and germs. With Everclean’s on-the-go Hand Sanitizer, you can be safe from these germs and you can also apply it how many ever times you want since it does not dry your skin.
It is a general misconception and myth that sanitizers are not safe. But the fact is, they are safe. Sanitizers’ effect on bacteria is more powerful than any other cleaning agent for you hands, also keeping your skin safe from issues like dryness and rashes. It is highly possible to contact more germs on a soap bar, hence it is always safer to use a sanitizer.
A sanitizer dispenser is a necessity in most of the common places like an office, hospital, restaurant, etc. How do you add a touch of interesting flavour to it, is the question and the answer is Everclean Hand Sanitizer that comes in a dispenser package. You can buy this hand sanitizer dispenser by clicking here.
The powerful non-sticky formula of Everclean Hand Sanitizer is now available as a hand sanitizer with pump. This All In One hand Sanitizer Spray is not just limited to be used on your hands. You can use it on almost anything and everything. You can use it on small bruises, laptop and mobile screens, on your coffee mug, except people and pets.
The everclean hand Sanitizer, whether you buy it in the spray model, flip-flop cap model, or the pump model, comes in two interesting and refreshing flavours - Citrus fresh and Yummy Berry. Citrus Fresh contains ingredients like ylang, a hint of aldehydic and orange while the Yummy Berry flavour contains the amazing scent of berries.
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